Saturday, May 21, 2016

Story arcs

A lot of people have a "story arc" that they use for a lot of their papers/stories.

Some I can think of:
"What is it so what": "what is it", "is it so", "so what" - John Zimmerman
"ABT": And, but, therefore - Randy Olson c/o Better Posters blog
"What's the problem, and who cares?" (to start) - what I've gathered from talking with Jason Hong
Heilmeier questions - from George H. Heilmeier - this is more about questions you ask yourself before starting a project, not a talk you give about it when you're done, but it wouldn't be terrible if you gave a talk answering all of them.

I'd love to hear others, if you have them. Ideally I hope to collect a bunch and then learn what's in common between all of them.

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