Friday, July 15, 2011

Links roundup: contemplation, persuasion, embodied emotions

No big theme this time, but a few links I don't want to forget.

First, on meditation/contemplation: I should start keeping a list of reasons meditation is good for you. Here's another one: it helps you deal with pain. And here are some simple, direct results about how reflecting thankfully makes you happier.

Second, on motivation and persuasion: concentrate on the pride you will feel from resisting. (seems to jive with the thought that positive feedback in persuasive software works a lot better than negative.)

Third, lest we forget that we are embodied beings, check this out: in short, danger is sexy. In long, if you experience physical sensations of an emotion, you're likely to think you felt that emotion. You might attribute sensations you felt during music to the band playing it. (This may explain why I'm in love with Eleanor Friedberger.)