Saturday, October 20, 2012

Microinteractions: the book

Since I came across Daniel Ashbrook's thesis, I've been thinking about "microinteractions": "interactions with a device that take less than four seconds to initiate and complete." I'm interested in expanding the space of possible microinteractions that people use.

Now this fellow Dan Saffer is writing an O'Reilly book with the title Microinteractions. You can currently read a draft of the first chapter. Sounds like he's using a more general definition of the term, to include lots of non-mobile interactions: the "see translation" button on Facebook, the password entry form on Twitter, calendar apps including the duration and end time when you're scheduling a thing. I like it. It leaves me wondering: is this just "everything" now? Is "microinteractions" a synonym for "details"; something that of course we should focus on but nobody's going to have some big revolutionary ideas about? Or is this part of a big shift in thinking, now that we've got enough computing resources to actually make meaningful and positive microinteractions?

Incidentally, your potential microinteraction of the day: squeeze your phone as you pull it out of your pocket depending on how you want to use it.

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