Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some of my personal sleep data

Data from about a month and a half of using WakeMate and How Are You Right Now (with occasional gaps where WakeMate ran out of batteries or had some other problem)

Linear regression between Minutes of sleep last night and Energy today
Energy today = -0.001 * Minutes of sleep last night + 3.320
r=-0.114, p=0.514, stderr=0.001

Linear regression between WakeMate score last night and Energy today
WakeMate score last night = 0.016 * Energy today + 1.693
r=0.235, p=0.175, stderr=0.011

Linear regression between User score and Energy
Energy = 0.019 * User score + 1.978
r=0.652, p=5.300e-05, stderr=0.004

Linear regression between Min to sleep and Energy
Energy = -0.007 * Min to sleep + 2.944
r=-0.153, p=0.379, stderr=0.008

Linear regression between Awakenings and Energy
Energy = -0.021 * Awakenings + 2.950
r=-0.093, p=0.594, stderr=0.039

EDIT: When I just ran the first 2 graphs, I felt pretty crummy, like none of this mattered, and I didn't know why. Then I ran the third (user score vs. energy) and it showed a nice correlation. Hmm.

The 4th and 5th graph show me that I don't have to worry if it's taking me forever to fall asleep, or if I keep getting up; I'm not totally hosed for the next day.

The graph of user score vs. energy, though, is interesting. Some explanation: user score is a value you put into the WakeMate when you wake up; it asks you to rate how you feel, on a slider bar from groggy to refreshed. So I guess it's no surprise that it correlates well with self-reported energy; it's just another data point of self-reported energy. In fact, I probably have often entered that value, then opened up How Are You Right Now and entered another value there, so that'll bias the data a little bit. Let's assume I did that every day, throw out the first value, and see what we get:

Linear regression between User score and Energy
Energy = 0.017 * User score + 2.127
r=0.569, p=0.0007, stderr=0.004

Okay, it's a little weaker (the r value shows how strong the correlation is), but it's still something. So days that I report feeling refreshed when I wake up correlate with days where I report feeling more energetic in general. Well! I wonder what I can do with that. 

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