Saturday, September 11, 2010

A non-exhaustive list of things I find cool now:

Four groups at MIT:
Affective Computing group. Emotional-computing stuff, cool wristband skin conductivity sensor.  I'm reading Rosalind Picard's book about Affective Computing.  This looks like a big ol' group right now, and that's potentially pretty cool, as the stuff I'm interested in would possibly be affiliated with them.
Fluid Interfaces group. Particularly the JotWatch.  This is a little more artistic, and more on the "how to do it" instead of "what to do."  Still, it's neat.
Human Dynamics group.  This is a little more experimental, and I haven't looked into them as much yet.
Eric Klopfer and his collaborators.  Looks like cool stuff about simulations/games for education.

One group at Stanford:
Persuasive Technology group.  Using computers, particularly the ones in your pocket, to change behavior. Sounds good, eh?

One group at UW:
James Landay and friends.  A lot of cool things with cell phones, persuasive technology, quick prototyping, and more to come.

Not at universities:
Beta, alpha, theta and delta brain wave states.  You get in different states when you get hypnotized, and it feels like it's the same as a good meditation.  I think you also get into different states when you're about to fall asleep, and if that's so, then theta is a lot of fun!
Lucid dreaming.  (along with the previous point.)
As ever: mindfulness, enlightenment, metacognition, whatever you want to call it.

Okay for now.  I hope to keep this updated a little more, and probably will now that things are calming down a bit.  But as I'm doing a lot of searching, there's not going to be a ton of real content just yet.  Mostly "stuff I find cool."

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